E10 – 2002 Parts

We have a wide selection of new, used, NLA, European and racing parts in our inventory.  We are also proud to announce that we will now be carrying a new line of Vintage Autobahn reproduction parts. This has been a long process to produce these items and the work will be on going, check back on this page or email our sales department for updates on our latest offerings.

2002Tii water pumps are back in stock and ready to get your BMW back on the road this summer. All of our water pumps contain high quality bearings and cast iron impellers , no shortcuts were taken in the manufacturing process. $200 includes an OEM style gasket.

Reproduction side view mirrors are now available from Vintage Autobahn at 1/2 the cost of buying from your BMW dealer! Trapezoid and flag style drivers and passenger side mirrors are currently in stock and ready to ship! Now on a special sale price of $100 per mirror, $200 per pair.

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Another new offering from Vintage Autobahn. These shift knobs are hand crafted from walnut especially for your BMW. Great quality parts priced at nearly half of our competitors. $45 without emblem. (Alpina and BMW emblems currently unavailable)

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Vintage Autobahn is pleased to be able to offer another great part for side-draft and independent throttle body applications. These 45mm velocity stacks will work with Weber 45 DCOE carburetors, Solex ADDHE 45 mm, and independent throttle bodies. Contact us about fitment to your specific application.  $79 per setBuy Now Button



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